About Us

Spec Locator was created in order to provide engineers, designers, and buyers the ability to locate products, electronic datasheets, manufacturers, and suppliers. Whether you are in need of electromechanical devices, passives, semiconductors, or interconnect products Speclocator.com can help you find the electronic components and parts you need for your design and production needs. Our Goal was to create an area where people could proactively find and learn about new electronic parts and the newest technology available to facilitate  your newest designs.

If your a manufacturer Spec Locator is a great place to advertise your newest products and drive traffic to your website.  Users will be able to locate your electronic datasheets in a matter of seconds. Speclocator.com marketing solutions that bring your products to market in a faster and smarter method. Place your product in front of thousands of design engineers and purchasers.  With the vast amount of products available its no doubt that you will yield an unbeatable combination of service and value. 

Spec Locator specializes in being a place where engineers and purchasers can locate a variety of electronic components including: high performance processors, semiconductors, electromechanical parts, relays, transformers, connectors, tantalum capacitors, thin film capacitors, memory, and much more. With over  four-hundred electronic product categories, and more than four thousand manufacturers, you will surely locate your electronic datasheet solutions and locate parts suppliers.  Check out our marketing & advertising solutions or Spec Locator's new features being added frequently.

27-May-2020 22:47:36